Month: December 2016

PhotoMarathon: Love


Canon PhotoMarathon Challenge 2016 – Theme #3: Love. This was both a difficult and easy theme at the same time because it was open ended and all around us, but Asians are not so expressive about it so it’s quite hard to find situations that would allow this to be captured strongly. So lo and behold an Caucasian couple sitting down and ordering wine. Another contestant might have photographed them, maybe that would bring down my uniqueness somewhat.

    Taken: 3 December, 2016,

PhotoMarathon: Pride


Canon PhotoMarathon Challenge 2016 – Theme #2: Pride. Somehow the judges interpreted this theme as nationalistic pride (and almost exclusively so) because 6 out of 10 winner photos for this theme contained the national flag in one form or another. Rather one-tracked mind, so I was quite disappointed with the similarity between all the winning photos. I interpreted this theme as taking pride in doing simple or mundane jobs and services which many people would take for granted.

    Taken: 3 December, 2016,